Data Analytics

The world runs on data.  Do you know how to handle it?

Business Analytics

Like most organizations, we’re sure that your company is awash with data.  Keeping track of this data can be difficult.  More importantly, understanding this data can be even more difficult.  But what if you’re not awash with data?  Well, we can help with that too.

At MCHoward Consulting, LLC, we are experts in measurement.  We can help you measure the business necessities that will allow your company thrive.  Even yet, we can even help you measure interesting variables that you didn’t even know existed.  So, whether you aren’t recording anything or thought that you recorded everything, we can still help you measure everything in between.

The next step is keeping track of your data.  Are your databases managed correctly?  Do you know how to retrieve your data?  Do you have backups?  Do you want to let someone else worry about these issues?  If so, let us know.  We can provide data storage and management solutions, and you can worry about the other issues in your organization.

The last step is analyzing and interpreting your data.  Not everyone is up-to-date on cutting-edge statistical practices.  But we are.  Just check out our Peer-Reviewed Publications page if you don’t believe us.  We can analyze almost any type of data to answer most any research question.  And if we can’t, we’ll find someone who can.  From these analyses, we can interpret how best to manage your organization.  You don’t always have to go with our suggestions, but we believe that our analyses can still bring valuable insights into the future of your business.

Please contact us at if you need data analytics solutions.  We would love to take your data to the next level.