Performance Assessment

Need to identify your high performers?  Let us help.

Performance Assessment

Sometimes it’s difficult to know who is doing what – and how well they are doing at it.  After all, it is impossible to see everything that happens at your organization.  That’s where we can come in.  Let us find a solution for your performance assessments.

Depending on your business needs, we can go beyond single-level assessments, and instead obtain employee assessments from multiple levels – supervisor, peer, and even direct reports.  You may know this as a 360 degree assessment.  We can also obtain self-assessments, which can detect any discrepancies in perceived performance.  So, not only can our assessments obtain an accurate metric for performance, it can also resolve certain performance issues that your workforce is currently facing.

Most importantly, our assessments are accurate.  We use cutting-edge science to best measure performance, and we cater our assessments to your exact needs through performing a thorough job analysis.  If you think that we’re missing out on something after performing our job analysis, we can certainly add it to our measures.  However, it is pretty rare that we don’t get it on our first try.

If you need a performance assessment solution, please contact us at  We will respond to your inquiry in a timely manner.