Personality Assessment

Are you still using the Myers-Briggs in your organization?  It’s time to move into the modern era of personality assessment.

Personality Assessment

Understanding someone’s personality can provide many business benefits.  Maybe you want to know whether an applicant has a favorable personality before hiring them.  Or, whether an employee has a certain personality trait before you promote them.  Or even whether a few coworkers have a certain personality style before you put them together on a team.  The list could go on, but each example emphasizes the importance of understanding personality.

We can help you gauge broad facets of personality that have proven to be informative across most any context, such as the Big Five or the HEXACO model.  We can also help you gauge more narrow facets of personality that are extremely informative in certain situations, such as the Dark Triad.  We can even cater a personality assessment to your exact business needs.  You pick the personality constructs, and we’ll build the assessment.

Further, we have a history of developing cutting-edge personality assessments – just check our resources page.  Dr. Matt C. Howard has published articles to gauge the personality constructs of social courage, self-esteem instability, computer self-efficacy, and beyond.  We also have many colleagues that have had similar successes in measuring personality, and we often incorporate their expertise into our projects.  So, we can fulfill your personality assessment needs, no matter how obscure or unusual your request may be.

To request a personality assessment solution, please contact us at  We would love to fulfill your business needs.