Need help identifying the right candidates for your positions?  Let us apply our scientifically-supported methods to make the right choices for you.

Personnel Selection

Determining who to hire is difficult, and it can be a time-consuming process to do yourself – time that you need for other business necessities.  Let us relieve this burden and develop a selection system with proper psychometric and validity evidence.  In other words, let us develop a selection system that works.

Our selection solutions can be applied (a) across a wide range of occupational levels, ranging from entry-level employees to upper-level management, (b) across the entire life cycle of employment, from early-career to late-career employees, (c) and across a wide range of business sectors, including both white- and blue-collar occupations.  No matter the situation, we can help you with your selection needs.

Our selection solutions are supported by science.  We ensure that our products follow the current best-practices as identified by modern research, and we scour new publications everyday to ensure that we identify these ever-changing best-practices. In fact, many of these best-practices are developed by our own employees and colleagues at MCHoward Consulting, LLC.  Just check out our resource page if you don’t believe us!

Most importantly, our selection solutions can be catered to your exact business needs.  Never again should you use an off-the-shelf solution that was built for someone else.  You deserve better.  Let us work together to help determine the best candidates for your positions and maximize your organization’s potential.  We can achieve this goal for your company by administering initial assessments, analyzing the data, presenting subsequent reports, and providing support during each step in between.

If you need a selection solution, please contact us at  Let us worry about things like psychometric properties and validity, so you can focus on the bottom-line of your business.