At MCHoward Consulting LLC, we are confident that we can provide solutions for your business – whether through selection, assessment, training, or analytics.  But, if you have a need that does not fall within one of these categories, we can help with that too.  Feel free to contact us at with all your business needs.  We’ll respond as soon as possible with our business solutions.

Business Solutions

Below are some examples of other solutions that MCHoward Consulting LLC can provide:

  • Thorough research and interpretation of a particular business topic.  These topics could include business concepts (i.e. the effect of applicant retesting, etc.), the history of market regions (i.e. economic developments in southern Alabama, etc.), information about market sectors (i.e. small engines, microprocessors, etc.), or anything else at all.
  • Need a second look at your company vision?  Let us perform an analysis of your business strategy.  We can help determine whether your products – and future products – are able to capture current and emerging markets.
  • Organization and/or digitization of business resources.  We understand that your business has a lot of data, information, resources, and – well – you name it.  It can sometimes get out of hand.  Let us help out.  We can create an organizational system for your resources to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.  We can even digitize your documents to save time in the future.  No more scanning over paper documents for a particular sentence – just hit CTRL+F and find it instantly.
  • Are you a museum that needs visitor studies and audience engagement consultation?  Are you a construction company looking for a hot new building trend?  Or do you have any other niche business need?  Let us know.  If we can’t do it by ourselves, it is very likely that we can pair with a colleague to find a solution.  For example, we can work with the fine people at Passel for any museum-related inquiries.

Once again, email us at for all your business needs.