Writing Skills Assessment

Written communication is essential for the modern business world.  Do you know whether your applicants can pass our writing skills assessment?

Writing Skills Assessment

To assess writing skills, applicants are most often given a prompt, and they are asked to write a response within a specified time limit.  Identifying fair and relevant writing prompts is a difficult process.  More importantly, grading these responses can be even more difficult – let alone time consuming.  Fortunately, we can help.

MCHoward Consulting, LLC, has identified an array of writing prompts that can fit your business needs.  These prompts range from constructing an email in minutes to developing entire business reports over the course of days. We can also identify new writing prompts to fit any specific business needs, ensuring that our services are right for you.

MCHoward Consulting, LLC, can also provide a method to grade these writing prompts.  We have a network of graduate students and graduates of English Master’s and Ph.D. programs with ample classroom experience.  Our network can apply their educational and practical experiences in grading your applicants’ writing responses, ensuring an accurate assessment of their writing skills.

Is our solution right for you?  Please email us at Contact@MCHowardConsulting.com, and we can discuss the best methods to implement our writing skills assessment.